Fiction and Non Fiction Books

Nikki Leigh has a variety of fiction and non fiction books including food service books, promotional books and 2 fictional series.

Relationship Coaching and Books by Nikki Leigh

Nikki Leigh is a certified Love and Relationship Coach. With that training she works with clients, has written several relationship books and developed a 12 week course to learn to love yourself.

Love Accept and Respect Yourself

Single and married men or women can improve the quality of their relationships, by learning to love, accept and respect themselves. This 12 week course is packed with information, questions, exercises and much more to help you.

Book Writing, Editing and Book Doctor Services

Award winning and best selling author, Nikki Leigh, has 22 published books of her own, has ghostwritten 19, has worked on numerous editing and book doctoring projects. If you are looking for a qualified author to help you -- you should contact Nikki.

Nikki Leigh is a consummate professional.… she is creative, … stays within budget and over delivers. Not only was Nikki extremely responsive to my needs, she is creative, easy to work with, stays within budget and over-delivers. I intend on using Nikki’s talent anytime I am in need of an effective Blog Tour. I can highly recommend her.

Kathleen Gage -The Street Smarts Marketer