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These are the characters from Widow’s Walk — many are also in Lady Lightkeeper.

Lizbeth Sullivan Kinsey – Young woman who faces disappointments. Her strength and determination grow. She wants to gain the same respect her father earned. Does she have the strength to make a happy family life with William, her childhood sweetheart?

William Kinsey – Lizbeth’s husband. Sailed with her father and becomes captain of the Misty Pride II, a gift from George. He lost his parents at an young age.

George Sullivan – Lizbeth’s father. Respected fishing boat captain of the Misty Pride.

Bess Sullivan – Lizbeth’s mother. Died in childbirth with Lizbeth’s younger brother.

Misty Pride – George’s fishing boat. Lizbeth discovers George had a boat built for William. Lizbeth pays to finish it and they name it the Misty Pride II to honor George.

Sara – Housekeeper while Lizbeth grew up. Sarah is Portuguese and isn’t accepted by some people in Misty Cove. She supports Lizbeth throughout everything and even when friends turn against her.

Edward Grimes – Lighthouse keeper when the October Gale strikes in the beginning of the book.

Mitchell Jarvis – Investigator for the Fifth Auditor. Conducts the inquiry regarding Edward Grimes. Cold and unfeeling. Very by the book, government employee. The people in Misty Cove don’t trust outsiders and it is obvious in their dealings with him.

James Holcomb – Interim light keeper who replaces Edward Grimes.

Simon and Alice Lockwood – Owners of Lockwood Shipping. Alice is low key but enjoys her social position. Simon is money grubbing and doesn’t worry about risks. Simon is driven by greed, while Alice hopes to balance worker safety and environmental concerns. Alice’s heart is in the right place, but she isn’t strong enough to impact her husband.

Nolan and Abigail Westley – Nolan is the mayor of Misty Cove and close family friend. Abigail was close friend of Bess’.  Remains close to Lizbeth. Abigail believes women should act “proper”, and clashes with Lizbeth. Abigail resents Lizbeth becoming more independent as she struggles to fit in with women and society. She supports Lizbeth, but within the bounds that Abigail feels are acceptable.

Henry and Ida Gardner – Owners of Gardner’s Mercantile. Ida was close friend of Bess Sullivan. Resents Lizbeth since Bess died.  Henry is caring and compassionate.  Ida is haughty and cruel spirited. Ida adds strife and conflict. Ida is Irish and has bad temper. Adopts sister’s illegitimate son and brings him to live in Misty Cove. Ida tells Lizbeth that she isn’t the daughter Bess deserved.

Stuart Gardner – Ida and Henry’s son.  Couple of years older than Marta and Aidan.  Book worm type. Ida has big hopes for him, but he’s sick and not driven like his mother.

Maggie McGibney – Ida’s sister. Lives in Boston and works in a pub. Has an illegitimate son. She becomes very sick and dies several months after Lizbeth loses baby. Ida brings the child to Misty Cove.

Patrick McGibney – Maggie’s son. Moves to Misty Cove with Ida after his mother dies.

Marta Bess Kinsey – Lizbeth and William’s daughter. Younger, and spoiled by father and older brother. Gets into trouble on a regular basis.

Aidan George Kinsey – Lizbeth and William’s son. Marta’s twin. Older than Marta. Looks out for her and tries to keep her from trouble.

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