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Reviews for Widow’s Walk by Nikki Leigh

(Misty Cove Chronicles – Book One)

Lizbeth Sullivan looks forward to her upcoming wedding. She and William are ecstatic to be tying the knot and work vigorously together to organize the huge event. One thing that Lizbeth wants more than anything is for her father to escort her down the aisle. His duties usually take him away from home since he is a Captain of his own fishing vessel, the Misty Pride. For Lizbeth, it has been a harrowing nightmare each time her father is out at sea and a storm gale arises. On the eve of their marriage, a horrendous storm shatters mayhem on the seas that has Lizbeth on pins and needles worried about her father. She stands on the widow’s walk watching the terrible gale as she prays all the ones in the ship will be given safe passage home. William, concerned over Lizbeth, decides to stay with her not desiring to leave her alone. She seeks the reassurance that the lighthouse light will guide the men to shore safely but when the beacon of the light doesn’t shine, trepidation really sets in.

Widow’s Walk is an electrifying story. I love books that are filled with tender romance and anything with lighthouses. Every beautiful detail in this poignant read is depicted brilliantly. The characters and their conversations along with the whole complete setting really enhance and make it unique. It is such a forceful read that I found myself relating to the characters in many ways. They reach out and touch down to the soul. Lizbeth is such a robust woman and with William she seems to stand even taller. I am so glad that he was an understanding man and not like some of the other citizens in that time frame. Nikki Leigh shapes a book that excels, gives hope and proves, romance is still alive. With her talent she composes a book where this reader visualized everything as if right in the middle of the storm, right down to the slashing waves. Her in-depth writing exhibits Lizbeth’s pain and joy throughout the story. She knows how to craft a masterpiece that touches not only the heart but also the soul. With a colorful well-rounded cast of secondary characters and a picturesque setting hard to forget, this reader found this book an absolute breath-taking, gratifying read. It is one that I could read again and again.

Reviewed by: Linda L


“Kudos to Nikki Leigh. Her historical romance, Widow’s Walk, is a tour de force that captures the spirit of New England, of the sea-faring men, and the women who love them. This one is a real keeper!”—Arline Chase, author of Killraven, Spirit Series, Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Fire


One thing that really draws me to Nikki Leigh’s writing is the locations she uses in her stories. The first book I read of hers, LILAH AND THE LOCKET, took place at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Her new release, WIDOW’S WALK, takes place at the fictitious Misty Cove, Massachusetts. WIDOW’S WALK is an elegantly penned historical that will capture your heart.

Lizbeth Sullivan is set to marry her childhood sweetheart, William Kinsey. Unfortunately, days before their wedding, her father dies in a boating accident. Forced to postpone their upcoming vows, Lizbeth and William’s love for each other guides them through the turbulent period after that horrible accident.

Now, Lizbeth needs to not only try to heal emotionally from the death of her father, but also try to assimilate herself into a town where being a female isn’t an easy thing. It is their love for each other that is the driving force in this wonderfully written story.

Nikki Leigh’s WIDOW’S WALK is a heartwarming story that at times will bring a tear to your eye, and at other times bring joy to your heart. She truly has a gift for adding details to her story that actually make you feel like you’re really walking on the beach at Misty Cove.

Lizbeth and William are the perfect romantic couple. They each care, respect and have an unconditional love for each other that is uplifting. However, it is not only Lizbeth and William that bring this story to life. There’s an array of townspeople that bring a certain charm to WIDOW’S WALK, as well.

I enjoy Nikki Leigh’s writing. She is a talented author who has a knack for writing stories that captivate the reader. WIDOW’S WALK is a wonderful romantic historical that is perfect to curl up with and enjoy!

Julie Kornhausl – Romance Reader at Heart


A delightful historical, Widow’s Walk: Misty Cove Chronicles, Book 1 is set in 1841 Massachusetts and delves into the lives of those who work the ocean as their sole means of income. First in the Misty Cove series Ms. Leigh writes a tender love story that possesses a compelling although suspenseful plot. Her cast is charming as they motivated me to continue reading. Lizbeth’s resilience is tangible as she deals with the death of her father so close to her wedding. Her gentleness shines when she includes her housemaid as part of the family. William is self-assured and very protective of Lizbeth. Taking to task Ida Gardner’s cruelty towards Lizbeth in front of the community was quite amusing. As secondary characters, Sara and Mayor Nolan and Abigail Westley round out a strong supporting cast. Published by Write Words, Inc. Widow’s Walk is a pleasing dramatic tale that continues with “Lady Lightkeeper: Misty Cove, Book Two”.

A dedicated reader, Pamela Jenewein


Rating 4 stars
Release Date 2006.01.1 Sensuality Rating sweet
Lizbeth Sullivan is busy preparing for her wedding to the man of her dreams, William Kinsey. A violent storm blows up and her father is lost. It was a loss that could have been prevented if the lighthouse keeper had been doing his job properly. With the tragedy occurring a few days before her wedding, Lizbeth and William know they must postpone it. It is their love for each other that helps them get through the weeks that follow. William Kinsey and Lizbeth love each other as no one else can. It will be this love that will get them through the death of her father and all the other problems that follow. Widow’s Walk is a testimony to what we can endure and conquer if we had the right person next to us. Lizbeth was an independent woman indulged by her father. There were many people in the town who resented this and let her know. William was her perfect match. Very strong, he would not tolerate any one hurting her. Together they can handle and conquer everything life throws at them. Truly an inspiration to those of us who have handled tragedies, Widow’s Walk is a must read novel. Kudos to Nikki Leigh for penning such a wonderful tale.
Reviewer Elise Lyn
Posted 2006.06.18

Four Coffee Cup Rating

Lizbeth worries each time there is a storm and her father is out at sea. On the eve of her pending marriage to William, a storm begins to rage. Watching from the Widow’s Walk, a small platform atop their house, Lizbeth prays the Misty Pride will be safe.
William has loved Lizbeth ever since he can remember and cannot wait to marry her. Rushing to check on her well being during the storm, he goes against propriety to see her alone at home and stay with her.
It is October 1841. The storm worsens and, along with Lizbeth, he is horrified to discover the lighthouse is not lit and the Misty Pride in trouble. Begging Lizbeth to stay home, William gets help and goes to the lighthouse. He finds the keeper passed out on the floor…
The first in a series of three books, Widow’s Walk has intriguing sub plots and support characters. Nikki Leigh pens a very strong-minded heroine in Lizbeth. With excellent character portrayals, this book is one you can really sit back and relax with. It takes in quite a span of time, finishing in 1852, so the reader gets the satisfaction of seeing Lizbeth and William’s realization of their dreams. If you love historicals, do not miss Widow’s Walk.

Wendy – Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Lizbeth is an independent-minded woman – at a time when disregarding decorum set gossip flying and petticoats ruffling. She’s engaged to marry her childhood sweetheart, William, who admires and respects her independence. With their wedding a few days away, they look forward to finally getting down to the business of living out their dreams. The October Gale of 1841 changes all that – and sets in motion a series of events that changes Lizbeth, William, and the people of Misty Cove forever.

In the talented hands of author, Nikki Leigh, Widow’s Walk paints a vivid picture of life in an 1840s Massachusetts fishing village and Lizbeth proves the power of tenacity and unwavering love in overcoming the hardships that women of that period faced. As I read the story, there were times when I could almost hear the wind howl, taste the spray of salt water, and feel William’s tender embrace.

I found Widows Walk to be an enchanting, inspirational, heartwarming and heartwrenching journey. If you love a story about a strong woman and a stronger love, don’t miss this one.

T Rilling –


Four Beacon Review for Widow’s Walk

by Nikki Leigh   Widow’s Walk is a woeful historic romance set against the backdrop of the Atlantic coast. Lizbeth Sullivan is to be married within days when an accident at sea claims her father. More tragic than the accident itself, are the reasons behind it, which will set the town on edge. Finally able to marry, Lizbeth and William are not free from heartbreak as they attempt to have a family and run the business that Lizbeth inherited from her father. With the aide of her friends and the love of her man, Lizbeth struggles to overcome the loss of her parents and to remain proper despite her strong spirit.   I could just picture the sea gulls dipping onto the water as the fishing boats came ashore in the quaint town of Misty Cove. Sated with colorful characters such as Ida the mercantile owner and Sara the Portuguese housekeeper, Widow’s Walk, was a pleasurable journey. I welcomed the balance of despair and delight in the young woman’s life. Her emotions were genuinely presented as if I could feel Lizbeth’s love and pain. And of course, I had to root for a woman who threw propriety out the window for a trip to town.  — reviewed by C.C.

Lighthouse Literary Reviews


Widow’s Walk
by Nikki Leigh

5 Magical Wands

Childhood sweethearts Lizbeth and William are preparing for their forthcoming marriage when a storm hits Misty Cove. Lizbeth’s father is a ship’s captain, and his boat is out at sea that night. When William realises that the lighthouse is not lit, he realises that the ship is in danger. Tragically, Lizbeth’s father is killed when the ship founders…

The couple begin to rebuild their lives, forced by social convention to postpone their marriage until after a period of mourning. The tragedy has struck deep into the town of Misty Cove, and Lizbeth wants to uncover who was responsible for the death of her father. As the days progress, she uncovers hidden secrets and encounters both betrayal and support from unexpected places.

This is the first of a trilogy set in Ms Leigh’s wonderful imaginary town of Misty Cove. Readers of ‘Stormy View’ will recognize the landscape, but the story takes place over a century before the events of that book. Told in the first person from the perspectives of Lizbeth and William, ‘Widow’s Walk’ plunges us straight into the hearts and minds of the characters. The plot unfolds over a decade in the young couple’s life together, and there is intrigue and suspense a-plenty as well as time for tears and laughter. Lizbeth is a strong, independent woman and readers will really engage with her. A well-recommended read.


This review is from one of the women in the study group where Widow’s Walk was expanded and refined 🙂 Thanks Patty.

Hi Nikki – Loved your book!  Congratulations again.

Nikki Leigh cleverly blends appealing characters with life in a 19th century American fishing village to bring us this tale of one woman’s courageous struggle to give meaning to her father’s death and marry the man she loves.  —  Patricia Evans


It is 1841 in the small town of Misty Cove, Massachusetts. Lizbeth Sullivan is young and in love and due to marry her childhood sweetheart William Kinsey. Life seems perfect to the young, naïve Lizbeth. However tragedy strikes and lives are lost through fate and ineptitude. The couples’ wedding is postponed due to the mourning conventions of the time.

Because of the tragedy, Lizbeth inherits part of a shipping business, and she and William begin planning for the future. When they eventually marry, they begin to build the foundations of what they want their life to be. But life does not always go as they plan and they learn to survive the disappointments and tragedies that they face on the way.

Initially, I found the character of Lizabeth a little mealy mouthed. However as I read on I realized that I had to look at her as a character that was growing and evolving like any one does, and that only through life experience that people real or fictional actually develop depth to their characters. As for William, I found him incredibly nice, staunchly protective and possibly a little too good to be true. I want to believe men like William existed in 1841 or exist in 2006. The other characters were interesting. There were malicious gossipers, ‘fallen’ women, loyal towns people and plain weird folk. Just like anyone group of people you would find in your own town or work place.

The patronizing way Lizabeth got dismissed by the men in the novel again reinforced in my mind how hard it was for women in that era. And the medicinal procedures or lack there of made me grateful I live in 2006. All in all, I was impressed by the historical accuracy of Widow’s Walk.

Widow’s Walk is a story about life, love, death and the endless circle they spin in. It’s also about the social standing and stringent class structure of the time. In many ways, there are many parallels between the characters lives in the book and the lives we live today. Life changes, thing happen and we all go on in one way or another. I’ll admit it I’m jaded to the extreme and it took me a while to get into this book, but once I did I was glad I read it. I believe it is an enjoyable and inspirational book and well worth the read.


It’s 1841, and Lizbeth Sullivan is putting together the finishing touches for her wedding to her beloved William, which is only a few days away.  Lizbeth’s father, Captain Sullivan, is at sea on the last fishing trip of the season.  A violent storm comes up, but Lizbeth is sure that the Captain will get his crew safely home; he’s the most experienced and most careful ship’s captain in the area.

She’s sure he’ll be home soon—until she goes up to the widow’s walk to watch for him and discovers there is no light in the lighthouse.  The Captain’s ship runs aground and he is killed.  Just a few days before her wedding, Lizbeth’s life is turned upside down.  Her father is gone, and she is an orphan.

Fortunately, Lizbeth is a strong woman.  She needs all of her strength plus William’s love and support to get through what’s ahead.  Her wedding must be postponed until after her season of mourning is over.  Instead of finalizing wedding plans, she’s arranging her father’s funeral.

Over the next few years, Lizbeth endures a nasty investigation into the shipwreck, and learns that the lightkeeper allowed the light in the lighthouse to go out because he was drunk.  She eventually marries William, and they have a baby, who dies before William can hold him.  Various friends and neighbors move through their lives, weaving a pattern of 19th century life that feels authentic.  This is a story involving real people, who have faults and hurts, who pout and cut off friends, and who love and care for each other.

Nikki Leigh’s characters are solid, three-dimensional and dynamic and the book is well-paced.  There are some loose ends, but this is the first book in a series, and they will, hopefully, come together in a later book.

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