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What Prompts a Doctor to Write a Book by Dr Friedemann Schaub November 25, 2012

Morgen Bailey shares a guest post on her blog by Dr Friedemann Schaub, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution – on her blog –

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What Kind Of Title Should You Write If You Want To Sell On Kindle? November 12, 2012

If you’re going to publish on Kindle, the prevailing wisdom is that your title should be straightforward and tell the potential buyer what benefit they are going to get from reading your ebook. In other words, don’t get too clever-you might confuse or lose your buyer.

But, what does straightforward mean? And what is considered clever and what isn’t?

Let’s look at some examples:
#1-How to lose weight quick? A 10-day vegetarian diet plan 
#2-The 7 Day Raw-Food Kickstart Guide 
#3-Skinny Bitch: A no-nonsense touch-love guide for the savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous

The first ebook tells you that its a 10 day vegetarian diet plan. The second ebook tells you it’s a 7 day raw-food plan. But what does the third ebook tell you?
It tells you who it’s for, and what the benefit is going to be to the reader NOT what it is (it’s an ebook about eating vegetarian-surprise, surprise)

Now let’s look at how they are selling;

10-Day Diet is #84,879 (written in 2012)

7-Day Raw is #13,002 in Amazon (written in 2011)
#37 Healthy Living
#38 Nutrition

And Skinny Bitch is #6,594 in Amazon (and it was written in 2005!)
#18 Weight Maintenance
#19 Weight Loss

So, not only is Skinny Bitch selling better, but it has had longevity AND spawned a whole series of books beyond the original! And it’s definitely got a clever element to it, plus it doesn’t even tell you what it’s really about but it does give the benefit, and it touches a chord emotionally with it’s intended audience at a very primal level.

The ebooks that do the best are what I call “Concept” ebooks. Skinny Bitch is a concept, Chicken Soup for the Soul, is a concept, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a concept. And each of them have spawned not only a slew of other books but whole brands. So, my advice is try to come up with a concept, if at all possible. You can tell the reader what it is in the subtitle- if it makes sense to reveal it immediately. And, if not, you still want to come up with a title that gives the benefit, speaks to your target market, and gets their attention. So, take the time to put the effort into your title and you’ll have the best chance for success!

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