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Resume for Shri Henkel – Writing as Nikki Leigh 

Previous Work Experience

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2005 – present

  1. Began fulltime freelance writing in September 2005. Three marketing e-books were written. Some information is located here.
  2. Signed first, second and third non-fiction book contract with Atlantic Publishing. These are business and restaurant management book. Information about these books can be found here.
  3. Writing various marketing articles online.
  4. Worked as a moderator for the Affiliate Community forums. Moderating and maintaining order and policies on the forum. Writing miscellaneous marketing articles on the forum. Also, wrote dozens of articles for the Affiliate Marketing Blog. These articles and posts are under the username “litekepr”.

2002 – Writing Projects

  1. Completed first novel and signed contract with publisher – Stormy View
  2. Completed second novel and signed contract with publisher – Widow’s Walk
  3. Completed first business book for Atlantic Publishing – 365 Foolish Mistakes Smart Managers Make
  4. Completed third novel and signed contract with publisher – Lady Lightkeeper
  5. Completed first business/restaurant book for Atlantic Publishing – Pizza Shop
  6. Completed second business/restaurant book for Atlantic Publishing – Non Commercial Food Service Handbook
  7. Completed first promotional book and signed contract with publisher – Book Promo 101
  8. Completed third business/restaurant book for Atlantic Publishing – Restaurant Manager’s Handbook
  9. Completed second business book for Atlantic Publishing – Successful Meetings
  10. Completed second promotional book and signed contract with publisher – Book Promo 201
  11. Completed first anthology for The Reader’s Station group and signed contract with publisher –
  12. Completed fourth novel and signed contract with publisher – Lilah and the Locket

2004 – e-publisher (Marketing Director)

  1. Analyzed the market to learn more about it.
  2. Researched online and offline areas to post requests for manuscripts.
  3. Assisted in reorganization of website
  4. Offered suggestions for future promotional opportunities
  5. Generated online and offline interest in small epublisher to get manuscript submissions to be considered for publication
  6. Offered suggestions to new authors on ways to promote themselves and their books.

2002 – 2008 Online Writers Community (Class Developer and Facilitator)

  1. Developed series of classes to assist other writers to improve the quality and depth of their writing. Also facilitate the classes once a year.

2001 – 2005     Prestige Contracting – Construction Office (Business & Marketing Manager)

  1. Reorganization of business systems to streamline business operations
  2. Studying for and passing the State Contractor’s Licensing Exams
  3. Coordinate phone directory advertising to target appropriate markets.
  4. Develop in house direct mail advertising to previous clients to promote repeat business.
  5. Develop systems to track job costs to make projects more profitable
  6. Create ways to analyze past projects for added profitability
  7. Extensive searches for all appropriate tax deductions
  8. Develop and promote fundraising event to promote new business services and to raise money for local non profit organization.
  9. Created business logo and integrated it into advertising to produce continuity in print advertising for name and logo recognition.
  10. Streamlined business cards to effectively promote variety of services
  11. Created online photo albums at extremely reasonable price to test the local effectiveness of internet website. After analyzing results, it was appropriate to develop a web site to promote the business.
  12. Developed and maintain website to promote business.
  13. Developed and implemented fundraising project to promote new business service being offered to the public. Worked with the local SPCA Animal Shelter and proceeds are donated to them.
  14. Created two web pages to promote the event. One page gives the public   information about the event and the other provides them with an online entry blank.
  15. Designed flyer and poster to advertise the event for the SPCA  throughout the community
  16. Wrote a press release to advertise the event and distributed to all radio and television stations, also local print media outlets.
  17. Participated in radio interviews to promote the event.
  18. Worked with local printers to donate flyers and posters.
  19. Worked with local pet related businesses to promote event and to gather donations of prizes for the fundraiser.

2001 – present European Hairstyles (Bookkeeping & Adviser)

  1. Offering suggestions for business structuring and operations.
  2. Compilation of receipts for sales and purchases for tax filing.
  3. Advising owner on ways to reorganize business and become more profitable.
  4. Marketing recommendations to promote and increase business.
  5. Assisting to organize a fundraising event to increase business visibility and to raise money for local non profit organization.
  6. Created plan to work in conjunction with local health club to do a promotion and increase community awareness of the services offered.
  7. Created website for the business in the summer of 2005. By the spring of 2006, it was consistently getting over 10,000 hits per month.

1999 – 2001 Berthiaume Clinics – Chiropractic Office (Office Manager, Chiropractic Assistant & Marketing Director)

  1. The doctor bought his practice one month earlier.
  2. Reorganization of billing and accounts.
  3. Insurance was mishandled by billing company for many months, learned how to bill, resubmitted many erroneous bills, performed follow up with insurance companies, other doctors, attorneys, etc
  4. Assisted with reorganization of practice systems to streamline operations for patient examinations and visits.
  5. Organized and conducted alternative health workshops.
  6. Organized and promoted three “Patient Appreciation” Fundraisers to raise money for local non profit organizations.
  7. Coordinated marketing plans and developed marketing materials for newspaper, direct mail, and targeted print marketing campaigns. Also coordinated television infomercial. Scheduled participants who were featured in the program. Planned advertisement to promote the infomercial.
  8. Planned, promoted and scheduled in services for other doctors, attorneys, and insurance agents and adjusters to educate our target markets.
  9. Extensive searches for all appropriate tax deductions.

1997 – 1999 Heilig Meyers – Chain Furniture Store (Procurement Manager)

  1. Worked hand in hand with store manager
  2. Detailed analysis of inventory to maintain costs and acquire reimbursement for damaged items.
  3. Prepared for store inventory. Implemented a plan to inventory in an organized and timely manner.
  4. Helped develop and learn new computer programs.

1996-1997 Rockingham Memorial Hospital (Procurement Personnel and Dept Supervisor) 1994-1996 – Take One Video  (Store Manager & Marketing Director)

  1. Store was in the red for years.
  2. Within a few months, the business began to show a profit.
  3. Membership grew, sales numbers increased and maintained expenses.
  4. The second year, we were in a financial position to buy the inventories from three businesses that went out of business.
  5. Developed movie sales program, which was extremely profitable.
  6. Developed creative marketing plans especially needed when the store had to relocate.

1991 – 1994 – Domino’s Pizza (Assistant Manager, Store Manager & Marketing Coordinator)

  1. Learned assistant manager job and was promoted to store manager.
  2. Marketing Coordinator for three stores. Coordinated mailings, coupon options, developed independent promotions and worked on various demographics for stores.
  3. New computer programs were enabled in my store for evaluation and suggestions for improvements.
  4. Store had not shown a profit, and increased sales numbers substantially in less than six months

1989 – 1991 – Envoy Courier Service

  1. I worked as a subcontractor for Envoy – based in Mechanicsville, VA
  2. I was responsible to pick up packages of many kinds – often in Waynesboro, VA and then deliver them to areas throughout VA and Washington DC.
  3. Deliveries could come in at any time of day or night – and the delivery time was always the fastest time – legally possible.

1984-1989 – Land Surveying Office (Office Manager & Draftsperson)

  1. Detailed Billing needed to be reviewed and filed for the previous 3 years. I researched each project in detail, compiled all time sheet information to create correct bills. Submitted bills to clients and wrangled for payment.
  2. Reorganized business to work more effectively.
  3. Reorganized filing system to make it more user friendly. Created filing system and entered files from twenty years into the new system.
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