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These classes are offered through Writer’s Village.

(A series of character classes are offered at


This series of three classes focuses on many chapters in Nancy Kress’ book Dynamic Characters. Each chapter is summarized in the class lessons and are followed by class assignments which are posted on the class message board.

I interspersed some of my own character development tools and exercises to help the people in the class learn more about their characters and to weave the plot and story into a more powerful combination.

WARNING – Most of the exercises in this class require you to dig deeper into your story, your characters and the background of your characters. This is not a class that will only scratch the surface about the details that make up your characters. We will dig into what the past you created for your character. We will evaluate the place where they came from and how that affected your character. If you do not want to dig deep and work on free thinking exercises, this is NOT the class for you. Most of the lessons will not be segments that you have already written for the book.

Basics to Create Dynamic Characters

Lesson 1: Choosing Names for Your Characters
Lesson 2: Use Setting to Develop Characters – Know Where they Come From
Lesson 3: Showing Your Characters With Natural and Believable
Lesson 4: Choosing Details and Make Your Details Manageable

Complex and Believable Characters

Intertwining Plot and Character

Testimonial from Writers –

Nikki Leigh was the facilitator in three classes I took through Writer’s Village University, an online writing organization. She provided motivation, specific examples in writing exercises, and encouraged innovation in my writing endeavors. Also patient with obvious mistakes, she tactfully made suggestions to improve the writing and the story.

From someone who was hesitant about writing as most writers are, I am now working on a story. I hope can be developed into a book. Nikki showed patience and enthusiasm in all three classes. I would highly recommend her as she’s a natural teacher.


Nikki created and faciliated an outstanding series of three Character Development workshops that I particpated in. The lessons were well thought out and helpful, and her comments were right on! I would happily recommend, as well as participate, in any other classes Nikki develops and teaches.



I took a series of three classes on fiction writing facilitated by Nikki. She made herself readily available to the class, critiqued our lessons in a helpful and constructive way.  She provided valuable resources and guidance in improving our writing skills. I learned so much from Nikki that I was able to write twenty chapters of a first novel during the three months of her
classes, thanks to her guidance and support.

I recently had the opportunity to once again be involved in a fiction writing class with Nikki. She is conscientious and meticulous in her research and always willing to help her fellow writers. I highly recommend her as an excellent facilitator.

Connie Walker


You have always wanted to be a published author.  You made it! You book was accepted by a publisher but you found out that they do NOT spend a lot of time and money publicizing or marketing the book of first time authors.  What do you do?

You can take a marketing course, but which one? 

Demystifying the Basics of Book Promotion by Nikki Leigh is one of the most comprehensive and clearly devised classes available.  Nikki has a proven track record in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship. She is the partner or owner/operator of at least 3 successful businesses that I know of, as well as being a published author. 

Nikki’s a whiz at marketing and business management. Check out her S & C Consulting firm at  I have known Nikki for several years and have enjoyed her on-line company and business savvy.  She has made many suggestions and given me tips along the way that have been invaluable to me as an author.  Although I have never taken any of Nikki’s classes, we have some peers in common.  I have heard only rave reviews about her classes, knowledge, and know how from her other students.

Joan McNulty Pulver – Author/Editor

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