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Editing, Critiquing and Book Doctor Services

Editing is a critical part of the process. Once your article, e-book, book or other item is completed, it needs to be thoroughly edited. I’ve learned that it always helps to have a “fresh” set of eyes review your work. We all find it hard to find the mistakes in our own work, but they are more obvious when we read someone else’s work.

Critiquing Your Book: $80 flat fee/60,000 words or less

A book of 60,000 words or less should be completed in four weeks. This will include review of your story along with a 1-2 page report to list basic problems that are noticed. The problems will be general – including point of view, characterization, setting, research, grammar, etc. $1.00 per thousand words over 60,000.

Proofreading: $1.50 – $3.00/page (based on 250 words per page)

30-40 pages completed per week. This is a review of a fully formatted and typeset manuscript. It is meant only to catch small errors, including: spelling mistake, hyphenation, or other small things that were missed in the editing process. This also includes small problems which are created during the layout process.

Copy Editing Basic: $3.00-4.50/page (based on 250 words per page)

30 – 40 manuscript pages completed per week. We correct the obvious errors which include: spelling and grammar mistakes, sentence fragments, problems with capitalization, typos and run-on sentences.

Copy Editing Substantive: $5.00-8.00/page (based on 250 words per page)

20 – 35 pages completed per week. This includes the issues mentioned above and style problems, inconsistency, specific suggestions within the text, etc

One on One Writing Coach: $8.00-12.00/page (based on 250 words per page)

15 – 30 manuscript pages completed per week. One on One Coaching includes story development and substantial editing. This is the most intense writing assistance. It includes the services listed above along with the content and structure of a your manuscript as a complete project. This editing may involved reorganizing large amounts of content, moving sections of content, adding text and rewriting when needed. This helps clients learn the craft of writing on a deeper level which will enable them to move toward more thorough editing of their own work.

Free Introductory Offer

S & C Consulting will provide an edit of 4-5 pages of your manuscript to give you an idea of technique and overall quality of your work. Remember, there is a lot to learn in the writing profession. It takes time, effort, patience and practice. This introductory offer gives you a chance to see if these services are for you.  Send your first chapter or 10 pages of text or a short story. This should be enough to help you get a thorough idea of your writing style.

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