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Ghostwriting must be a collaboration. I will listen to your ideas and offer suggestions as needed. But, I do more than just write. I also work with you to help you produce the best quality book. Sometimes you will need information about organizing your ideas and thoughts. We can discuss creative solutions to possible book problems. I also manage the process from start to finish. We discuss how involved you want to be in the writing process. Do you want to learn more about the writing process or do you want the ghostwriter to handle all elements of the creative process? I combine my writing experience with my marketing experience to keep an eye on the potential marketability of your story. We can begin to discuss your project. Feel free to email me about your ideas. You can contact me through email (nikki @, which is the fastest way to reach me. We can discuss the services you need and I can send you a non-disclosure statement, a typical agreement, and a quote for your work.

We need to talk in order for you to believe I can help you and I feel there is a market for your book. If you want to compile the information for you and your family or friends, we can also discuss that option. This is one of your objectives and goals that will help me be able to help you more thoroughly.


How much does it cost to ghostwrite a book?

The fee can be anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 or more depending upon the length, time and nature of the story. (See more detailed fee information listed below.) A short e-book or report could be less.

What does the ghostwriter’s fee cover?

The fee to ghostwrite your book covers: interview time between us and any other participants to obtain the required information. It includes: research time, writing, editing, rewriting. The ghostwriting fee does not include travel or lodging, although travel time is included. We can discuss the travel which would be needed. Most work can be done over the phone and online.

How are fees paid to the ghostwriter?

There is a deposit to begin work and then subsequent payments which will be due at various stages of the work. Payment is due when that segment of the work is complete and before the next section is begun.

How long will it take to ghostwrite my story?

A well-organized, short business book can take as little as two months. Ghostwriting a life story, a novel, or an inspirational work can take from 4 to 6 months. The expected time frame is something else we will discuss once I have an idea of the scope of the project. The time needed will also depend on the amount of time you and I need to work together.

Does the ghostwriter get any credit?

The ghostwriter is only given credit if you decide to give it. You own all the rights to your ghostwritten book including the copyright. The ghostwriter does not participate in any royalties or other income you may derive from the book.

Does the ghostwriter work on a contingency?

No. I am paid a flat fee for the project. I do not participate in any royalties nor do I wait until your book is published or made into a movie, for a deferred payment.

Does the ghostwriter provide any other services?

Absolutely. When your story is nearing completion, I can consult with you on all of the newest self-publishing techniques, processes, and costs if that interests you (initial discussion is included in the ghostwriting fee). I can also consult with you and develop a professional package to submit to literary agents and publishers or other services, for various fees.

How do I know the ghostwriter won’t steal my idea?

This is the reason I send you a signed non-disclosure agreement that protects you and covers all your legal rights prior to discussing your story.

What qualifies you to be a ghostwriter, and why should I trust you with my story?

First, I am an award winning, best selling author. As of September 2014, I have 32 published books under several different names, including:  fiction, business, food service management, promotional, relationship and several other miscellaneous books. In addition I have ghostwritten 19 books. I also realize that its important for your book to contain YOUR voice, not mine.


An Author: A writer who has been published. They should be able to supply publishing credits for your review.

Book proposal: A sort of business plan for a book. Generally these are written by the author or ghostwriter for submission to literary agents and publishers. This plan includes a synopsis of the work, biography of the author, and all relevant marketing information on the work.

Copyright: The exclusive rights to the publication filed with the U.S. Library of Congress. In the case of ghostwritten works, the copyright is held by the credited author. There is a fee for this service. I can give you the website address and information about which form to submit for your copyright.

Fiction: A story or book that is not based on fact.

Ghostwriter: A person who writes a book with and for an individual on an anonymous basis.

Non-disclosure statement: The document assures the ghostwriter will keep the contents of conversations, documents, records, or other communications private and won’t reveal them to a third party.

Non-fiction: A story or book that is factual – for example an autobiography or a business book.

Query letter: The letter that is sent to various literary agents or publishers to seek representation for a given piece of work.


Fees depend on the subject, the complexity of the book, the length and other factors. We need to  discuss what you have in mind before I can give you a definite price. The minimal prices listed below are common, but can fluctuate. Please contact me with questions.

(I work through Paypal which accepts credit cards and checks from most accounts. It is a free service for you to use.)

Many people want to share the proceeds after the book is published. I do not work that way.

Ghostwriting your book is based on a flat fee, which is guaranteed not to change unless you change the project after we’ve started. I do not add surprise extra charges. However, if you want to make changes to our original agreement, we would need to discuss any potential changes to the fee for these additions. I am happy to share a copy of my contract with you.

The fee can be broken into three payments during the progression of the project. Each payment is due when one segment of the work is completed and before the next segment is begun. These particulars are decided upon before the project begins.

The cost of ghostwriting a book can be tax deductible, but it is best to speak with your accountant or CPA before entering into a contract.


Business books are usually shorter than fiction, life stories, or other non-fiction works. These books are usually written in a “how to” format. They will deal with a specific subject that you are an expert in, or where you have a lot of experience.

The number of pages can be 100 to 300 pages for various marketing reasons. E-books are another business book option. These are usually 50-200 pages, but can fluctuate depending on the topic and the complexity of the subject.


The price of ghostwriting any book depends upon the complexity of the subject matter, the length of the book, the amount of research which is needed, time to sort through and organize any research information that you may have, and the time needed to work directly with you.

Usually these books will be 225 to 300 pages (typewritten). The fee includes the completed and edited manuscript. No one can guarantee a book will be contracted. But, I can guarantee to write the best possible book about your subject matter.

Fees for these types of projects start at $5,000 and Ebooks start at $1,000 for a short ebook.

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